laundry re-do

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Since we've reconverted the 5th bedroom "conversion" back into a "garage" last year, our point of entry has changed significantly. And I didn't realize how much it bothered me until things started piling in the laundry room, were misplaced, and worse - took us longer to get out the door. So we had to get creative with our space, which opened right into the laundry room.

The closet {filled with empty vases, coolers, and gosh, I can't remember what else was in there} but I guarantee - it was full, cluttered, and annoying. I needed to convert this "unused" space into something we could all use - like a mud room.... where we could be organized going out and welcomed coming in.


laundry room before


laundry room after

After the demolition, we repainted the walls to a much toned down shade of yellow - a color I love for laundry rooms. Then we shopped and found this bench from Homegoods, which was perfect because inside contains 2 removable crates, which helps separate our shoes {kids and ours}. The circular rug is also from Homegoods.

laundry room after

The tarnished door knobs FINALLY were repurposed to hang coats and bags here. {We picked these up from Third Monday Trade Days for $2 each... maybe 5 years ago?} Aaron attached these to a painted white piece of scrap wood we had, and then screwed the entire piece onto the wall. The old metal brackets on the left and right side of the walls {below picture} are also from Third Mondays.

mud room

Simple white shelf and brackets from Home Depot hold knick knacks like my bird cage/house, a pottery vase, a vintage "cold" faucet handle, and Ava's matryoshka birthday candle. The basket contains wipes, hats, eye glasses, and the small upholstered pen holder organizes our membership cards to local attractions. {Something I didn't realize I needed a hot spot for}.

And of course, to hide the brackets, I pinned some of the children's recent artwork that make me smile... {framed picture on right - Aaron pieced together fabric to make this image of mother/child, a gift he made for my first Mother's Day}.

Now onto tackling the other side... where the actual laundering takes place!

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  1. I walked through this laundry room at least 25,000 times since we moved into this house before we ended up doing the renovation. I wish we would have done it much sooner! Even though we had to outsource some of the work (because my framing skills are not up to par) - it was relatively inexpensive for what we gained!