bedroom armoire

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This armoire has a questionable past. It's got old charm, brassy handles, tiny leg wheels and sturdy tongue-and-groove shelving... needless to say I had to rescue it from curb-side {ahem... last year...}. And since then, it's looked like this - and I've been too afraid to temper with it. Wood is beautiful...

bedroom armoire (before)

But then again... so is white!


I asked Aaron if he'd get me paint from HD at 9pm after I finally got the nerve to tackle this project. He picked out a gorgeous subtle silver pearl paint... and brought home a gallon.

I only used 1/8 of the can because I used a dry bush and quickly swished it back and forth. {I'm not much of a sander anyway}. I unraveled my jewelry and organized them below in the drawers - and then draped all of my favorite pieces I've collected over the years - formerly stashed in closets and other unknown places in the room... like this sketch of me, when I was 19 and in Piazza Navona, Italy - the silver jewelry box I received as an engagement present from my inlaws... a bridesmaid gift {a silver picture holder}...
bedroom armoire (after)


... a delicate pink tray I picked up from an antique store... an ornament from my last trip to Fredericksburg... among many other lovely things and photos... {do you see the kids' wooden puzzle?}

favorite things

For something spontaneous... I'm so thrilled with how this turned out. And I'm so glad Aaron got the paint... if he didn't - this still would be brown... unorganized, and quite boring. Now... onto the rest of the bedroom {sighing}.... 

So what do think? Do you like the white?

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